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Chhhhh Changes. The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Posted by Ian Miller on

If you are old enough to remember that song by ??

Every now and then, more then than now, I get a chance to take a long lingering look at our website and our trading environment. 

I cannot fault Shopify or any of our application partners for their care and attention to detail. If something is wrong it gets fixed and if there's a way to make a subtle improvement to 'grease the slide' it gets done with knowledgeable changes to a theme or the addition of a bit of code. 

Images and copy continues to be a labor of love and there is the regular task of adding new phones and matching each with their 'best fit' Nutshell Holster.

As global opportunities for sales arise, and our loyal and longstanding customer base matures alongside us, so to do the integration of systems to enable us to reach more people more effectively and efficiently.  No matter where they are.


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