Bringing the Platform online

As many people know, is a spin-off of our original website

But where that site enables users to make detailed selection for the most pleasing finish and attachments that work for them, this new site is all about getting product out and into the marketplace.

To that end we have deliberately created a product platform with a limited number of products, no options (other than a full flap and a belt clip with D-Ring) and only two colours, black and tan.

However, in doing so we have adjusted the pricing significantly; if you were to go to our original site and order up any of the same product, the costs would be considerably more.

But in a deliberate move aimed at driving product into the marketplace, we have made even more significant price changes if products are purchased by the box.

With a box containing ten items of any one product we believe customers who have already experienced our products, and come to know their craftsmanship, quality and long-life will be keen to purchase and pass on our products to others. 



We look forward to being of service, and welcome your feedback, comments, brickbats and bouquets. 

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