Barcoding Authority

Barcoding Authority

Nutshell has long served its customers through a multi-srep online process

1. select your phone and then 2. click through to select the appropriate belt case or holster to accommodate that phone. A bit clumsy, but most customer manage, although it can always be improved.

Now there's an alternate way that is being investigated to allow us to bypass the first step in the process and automatically link the right holster to the right phone. 

At the same time we need to gear ourselves to sell through distribution channels, and that means simplifying the matching process. 


For years we have held a barcode account with an NZ firm called GS1. They recently issued  Nutshell a membership certificate for the upcoming year. Of course the secret is to make sure all barcoded product carries the correct identity; many apps want to embed their own codes on products. That's not really a good move as downstream it can easily become a logistical problem.  



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