Blocking the Unknown

Blocking the Unknown

At Nutshell we believe in providing products that give our customers excellent protection for their mobile devices.

But as the technologies continue to develop, there are growing concerns that the latest 5G mobile communications could be harmful to mobile phone users and provide a gateway to tampering or snooping by other parties.

In a recent report the AMA (American Medical Association) recently highlighted an increase in fatalities caused through EMF affecting medical devices, like Insulin pumps. Known as Electro-Smog these harmful radiations are generated by those modern kitchen appliances that use high powered devices to generate heat for cooking, instead of the traditional hot plate. The AMA also raised concerns that the new generation of electric vehicles are another worry, with measurable amounts of electro-smog being measured at waist height when seated in the vehicle.

As a part of our continuing research to provide our customers with the best protection available, we have been  looking into developing a new product that will totally shield a mobile phone from any outside interference; not only blocking any EMF that could be generated by 5G but also making the phone totally invisible to the outside world, so that any unwanted monitoring or surveillance could not happen.

At the heart of this is a German developed foil that blocks EMF (electromagnetic frequencies). But this totally protective  product is some ways off its research and testing phases.

However, in the meantime we are considering adding a sheet of this foil between the user and the phone when it is in the holster. This layer would be positioned in the back of the holster to block any EMF that may be generated by 5G signals from affecting the user's body.

The problem with developing an implementing a shielded holster like this is first finding out of it is a feature that would be accepted by our users.  After all, it would be pointless to add a feature like this only to find that no one wanted it.

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