Customers for Life

Customers for Life

A Personal Testimonial

At Nutshell we are proud of our products and the protection and security they offer the phones they are designed to protect.

In the more than 20 years that Nutshell has been in business, our repeat business has grown as we develop a strong following of loyal customers. 

Not because the holsters wear out; as phone sizes change our customers need new holsters for their latest devices.

Many people now make it their priority that when they get a new phone, they also update their holster.

Our thanks to Paul Biba for the following accolade;


Once a customer, always a customer

"Hey!  I've been buying from Nutshell for at least 15 years, and probably longer.

I have a drawer of cases that no longer fit any phones, but they are too good to discard.

There is nobody else I would consider for a belt case. 

Not only is your quality superb, but you have a couple of features that are unique and very important to me. 

First, you've got the strongest clip on the market.  Since I don't wear a belt, only suspenders, yours is the only clip that will securely stay on the waistband of my pants. 

Second, the ring on the top of the clip.  I use it, along with a short lanyard that has a clip at each end, to attach the case to the belt loop of my pants.  It gives me complete security against loss when I'm riding my motorcycle or engaged in other activities where the case could come off or be pick-pocketed.

Love you guys.  

Your cases have been with me on 7 cross-country (USA) motorcycle trips and, before I retired, have flown more air miles than most travelers."

Paul Biba
@paulkbiba; Editor, Project Gutenberg's Facebook page

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