First Covid - Now Conflict

First Covid - Now Conflict

First it was Covid-19 that sparked fears of a changing world and resulted in a marked downturn in our business that led to the suspension of our Shopify online trading platform late last year.

Now it is the threat of a military conflict between superpowers that is doing the same.

As we, like most of the world's web merchants, struggle to maintain our manufacturing, both Covid and a potential WW3 have severely stressed our vital supply chain links, resulting in a shortage of components critical to our continued product manufacturing and sales success. 

To enable us, as a small New Zealand manufacturer, to continue to hold our heads above water and dog paddle our way through these uncertain times, is it with deep regret that we will once again be withdrawing our products from online sales until our stock levels have improved.

We thank our loyal worldwide customer base for their continued support. Without you we would have not come as far as we have.


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