Identify the Best way to Carry your Phone

Identify the Best way to Carry your Phone

Nutshell has long offered customers several ways to hold their phone securely on their belt in a holster.

We offer two fail-safe methods; the right one depends on how secure you want to be, and how you live your life.

The Belt Clip

Our most popular method is a black spring steel belt clip with matching black D ring.

Why D ring?

We have been asked this question many times and we provide the D as a matter of course on our clips to let you extend the uses of your holster; many people use the D to clip and carry their keys, while some attach a short length of chain and a clip to provide additional security in the unlikely event that their holster becomes dislodged from their belt. Many use the D to hang their holster from a convenient hook when it is not on their person.



The Belt Loop

Long ago we were asked repeatedly to add a belt loop to our products for the ultimate in safety; with your belt through the loop, it is impossible to accidentally lose the holster and its contents. 

Our belt loop is designed to enable you to carry your holster in the way that best meets your needs. Although you can carry your holster in the traditional vertical or horizontal modes, our loop lets you slip it onto your belt at an angle, making it easier to access your pockets and, because it is angled, get at your phone quickly and simply.

 If you have a good idea that you believe could add value to our products, we would be more than happy to have you share it with us; please email us at

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