Keeping up with the Times

When we started Nutshell, almost 25 years ago, the world was a much different place. The Covid pandemic has yet to raise its ugly head and bring heartache and grief to millions of innocent people worldwide and mobile phones back then were a lot simpler than they are today.

As phones have evolved so to has the range of belt cases that we offer to accommodate them. Today's phones are progressively taller, wider and thinner than ever before and contain features that were then only a gleam in the eyes of developers everywhere. 

Nutshell is proud of its small contribution to the evolution of the mobile phone and the way our users interact with their devices. While our product range has grown to enable users to safely and securely carry their mobiles, our commitment to quality has never wavered. 

Our users are our best advertising and time and again we hear from new customers who saw our products on the hips of their colleagues and work-mates. 

As we prepare to enter our second quarter century you can rest assured that at Nutshell you will always find products you can be proud to wear and know that, in a nutshell your mobile will be safe and secure.

Thanks for choosing Nutshell.



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