Meeting the Market

Meeting the Market

Samsung Fold3 and Flip3

At Nutshell we believe our customers are best served by knowing what mobiles are hot, and making sure we offer Nutshells that are fit for purpose. 

The latest designs from Samsung are a case in point. 

While the Samsung Z fold 3 will fit confortablty in our #396 belt case if it is being used as it is unboxed, we are recommending customers consider our #390  belt case if the mobile is encased in an accesory cover.

Meanwhile the Samsung Z Flip 3 will need a new case, which we are calling our #330 belt case. 

While customers are able to order this product now it will take a little while to design and create the necessary patterns.

At Nutshell we believe our customers deserve only the best, so the wait will be worthwhile. 

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