FREESHIP - an offer that's too good to refuse.

FREESHIP - an offer that's too good to refuse.

The world sometimes moves in mysterious ways, and any merchant would be extremely short-sighted not to leverage the resulting effects to their advantage.

While some customers (in the UK especially) have to pay import duties, our customers in the US have long enjoyed the effects of an import exemption we were granted many years ago.

This exemption is especially welcome as leathergoods from China into the USA have recently been hit by a tariff in what may be only the first salvo in an escalating trade war between the two countries.

While the tariff will force price increases for Chinese leathergoods in the US it may level an uneven playing field for Nutshell.

Those who know, recognize our handmade products as superior in quality and extremely good value for money. 

Although we do not yet know how much the tariff will hike the cost of competitors' products, we expect savvy smartphone users in the US, in need of the protection we deliver, to take a long look at what's on offer.

Acknowledging that our customers worldwide may be mIssing out on the opportunity to own a Nutshell, we are implementing FREESHIP, a free worldwide airmail shipping service that is track'n'trace for most countries.

To get this service, just use the discount code FREESHIP at the checkout or click this link to enable it automatically.

We have also negotiated better rates with DHL for their Express service, but this is not covered by the FREESHIP offer.

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