In a Nutshell...Serving you Better

In a Nutshell...Serving you Better

Wow...we got away with that one...or so we like to tell ourselves.

Moving from one platform to another can be fraught with hassles...layouts; missing links; lost products...sheesh...I could go on. But I won't.

Suffice to say that we are now well and truly embedded within the Shopify world; a world of apps and opportunities to improve our marketing skills, while still remaining true to the spirit and putting our customers first..

Moving platforms is not an always easy task...and often some products seemingly fall be the wayside. Two existing product categories; eyeglass cases and cases for insulin pumps are being added to this new platform...and will be enlarged over in future posts

In addition to changing horses in mid stream, we have renosed our manufacturing and brought on board several stock items that we offer at value for money prices. While these enable us to mainstream our most popular smartphone holsters, we continue to offer bespoke for those who desire an individualized, personalized case for their phone...

As always, if you have a request, we look forward to being of service..

Merry Christmas 



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