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When you least expect it

Mid Way through the coronavirus 19, or covid19, it is interesting to reflect on its effect on our business. 

As a Kiwi exporter for almost a quarter of a century we have weathered several geopolitical storms. 

Things have not always been what they seemed, but never to the current level of global disruption.

Not only did the orders suddenly stop, but as the pandemic spread the links of our finely tuned supply chain were broken as New Zealand was suddenly forced into Level 4 lockdown mid March. 

As the pandemic forced isolation we have watched as video phones have stormed the ramparts.

The ramifications of CV19 on our daily lives are still to be decided, but countless attempts to limit the mixing of strangers are being put in place worldwide, threatening to Invade our privacy.

“when you least expect it, always expect the unexpected.”

Our goal has always been to provide unparalleled levels of protection and while tomorrow promises much in improved product design and privacy protection our focus is on the community of man to which we all belong.

As the world recovers and some semblance of normality returns we know our customers will continue to order as all those broken links in our own supply chain are reforged. 



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