We are ALL in this Together

We are ALL in this Together

Introducing Pricing your own Currency.

Ever since time began for Nutshell we have been pricing our products in USD. After all it made sense; the USA is our largest target market.

But as we have grown, our customers now order from almost every country on the planet.

In an effort to make it simpler for our customers to know how much they would be charged, some time ago we added a small currency button that "floats" on the right hand side of your screen. Through that you could see our pricing in YOUR currency.

There was one drawback; in order to know that you could view prices in your currency, you had to know the button was there.

However, technology never sleeps and today we have implemented a process that automatically determines in which country you are and displays prices in YOUR currency,  And if you are in a country that is not recognized, the pricing will be shown to you in the default currency of USD.

If seeing pricing in your own currency is something that you feel makes it easier for you to purchase a product, please let us know.

Please be aware that as of this time of writing, the final transaction that secures you your nutshell will be in the USD equivalent at the time of purchase. We are working on that too.

We sincerely hope you like this new feature. And you can rest assured that Nutshell will continue to find the best ways to make it ever easier for you to say "YES I WANT A NUTSHELL!"


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