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Hand-made Leather Holsters by Phone Manufacturer

A list of our Standard Holsters and their Sizes

OtterBox Cases and Bundles with Holsters

Custom Cases that we can design to meet your requirements

SmartPhone Wallets including our Possum Wallets incorporating Anti-Static Ethical Possum Fur

Insulin Pump Cases

Spectacle Cases


Holsters by Manufacturer

Apple iPhones Alcatel Blackberry
Google HTC HP
Huawei Lenovo LG
LifeProof Microsoft Lumia Motorola
Meizu Nokia OnePlus
Oppo OtterBox Samsung Galaxy
Sonim Sony Spark
Vodafone Xiaomi ZTE
These leather smartphone holsters are perfect for Belts, Waistbands, Pockets,
Pants, Coveralls, Sweats or Scrubs.
Cycling, working, walking, jogging, golfing, rowing, fishing, living.
Never lose, forget, mislay or leave your phone behind.
Tan and Black Holsters with Clips

Holsters by Internal Size


OtterBoxes and Bundles with Holsters


Custom Cases


SmartPhone Wallets


Insulin Pumps


Spectacle Cases