Pockets and Penloops

If you choose to add an option, your Nutshell is handmade. Just for you.

handmade, just for you

As options, you can order a pocket and/or a pen loop.

Front Pocket

The pocket is made from a square piece of leather and secured on the front of the holster on 3 sides with elastic.


This provides a pocket that measures...

  • Nominally 1.6 inches but up to 2.1 inches / 55mm high
  • Up to 1 inch / 25mm deep, but if fully extended this will reduce the maximum width

The Apple AirPods charging case fits in the pocket. Comfortably.


Elastic Pen Loop

The expanding elastic Pen loop accommodates pens up to 0.4 inches / 10 mm in diameter and is generally about 100 mm long. 




And of course, we can do both on the same holster...