Nutshell delivers for Sonim

Nutshell delivers for Sonim

Nutshell's customized Hip Holsters for rugged environments.

Nutshell has crafted two holsters to meet the needs of customer choosing the Sonim XP7 and XP7IS.

These are claimed by Sonim to be the most rugged smartphones available today and are meeting a discerning market concerned with delivering all manner of security and dangerous work related activities.

Sonim offer a synthetic sideways case that looks nice, but is was not enough to satisfy the needs of one customer. 

sonim XP7 hip holsterNutshell customer Miami Dade Fire Rescue Service Comms Chief Greg Rubin knew that he wanted a case that was rugged enough to withstand the punishment metered out by hard working fire and rescue crews, as well as looking good for everyday use by administrative staffers.  

This case does that perfectly. 

As we so often do with our customers, we worked with Chief Rubin to develop the product we eventually provided MDFR for their trial program. 

Sonim liked it and we worked with them to sculpt the top to provide clearance for their flap-closed comms port, designed to hold an ear piece and throat mic. belt clip

We also developed two cases. With a magnet closed restraining tab and a belt clip with D-ring, the first is designed for everyday use in a variety of roles.

The second is special; it contains no metallic components and is aimed at the 'Intrinsically Safe" Sonim XP7-IS. Rather than using our proven magnetic close on the top tab, we replaced it with a panel of hard-wearing Velcro. In place of the steel belt clip and D-ring (which many folk want because it is a great way of hanging those key-chains that security use), it has our unique 'universal' multi-way belt loop.

We have now listed this product on our site, along with a schedule of pricing that enables interested parties to purchase individual cases, or volumes up to 100 pieces.  Obviously as the numbers increase the per-unit cost falls. Take a look and tell us if we are doing it right.

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