In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell

Nutshell has created this Shopify Site with the intent of generating business for a small but growing inventory of product aimed at the smartphone market, but without the bespoke element that we have created since we started online trading way back in 1997.

This site hosts a small collection (currently three) of holsters that all have a long-lasting black 1.6 mm thick,, kouros leather outer and a full flap closed with our proven shielded magnets. Each holster also has a black Dee ring that is attached to the top of a very strong ans ultra-secure black spring steel belt clip that can accommodate belts up to two inches in width. All our products are lined with a heavy duty synthetic ultrasuede that provides a soft secure environment for the smartphone..

As we have proven, generating business is very much a collaboration with our customers. 

We have started by creating matches for some of the more popular phones available worldwide. I am sure we have missed out a few (we always do) and we very much rely on our customers to point us in the right direction. Once we know the phone's dimensions it is not hard to match it with a holster and increase our online catalog.

Because we are located in New Zealand, we have a financial advantage over many similar vendors around the world. The value of our currency floats up and down, definitely at the whim of major currency traders worldwide. Currently the market is such that we can hold our pricing and offer shipping for free. DHL's GlobalMail generates a tracking number. This is something we have been waiting on for many years, and the service is not only useful (because we will never lose a shipment) it is also very cost effective.

All we need now  - is you.







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