A stitch in time

A stitch in time

Wow! And the world changed. 

Our thanks to the customers who have purchased a Nutshell since the pandemic became the number one topic of conversation  

It’s only now become obvious that things are no longer what they used to be.

Deliveries, a given item in world trade, have been hit with a mallet; some of the largest players have fallen victim to the pandemic and its consequences.

Suddenly we find shipments that would usually have been delivered weeks ago have slowed down,...they’ve been sitting in postal clearing centers world wide writing to get into the local postal system to get delivered  

As our primary market Is North America, our postal point of entry from New Zealand is the USPS clearing Center in Los Angeles.  

Unfortunately from there it gets hazy, but the general take is that the workflows have broken and for the first time in its history, the mail is not getting through.  

Luckily our private delivery service, which operates outside of any postal service, is continuing to carry out its commitment to on-time deliveries.  

While they are more expensive than the regular tracked mails,  DHL’s Priority Mail service is almost as fast as sending a package across town, let alone around the world  

And as we realise there are events that are outside anyone’s control, until the world gets back on Its feet, we recommend customers choose the Priority delivery service and we are offering a substantial discount to customers who enter the code THANKYOU at the right place in the checkout  

in this way we hope that our loyal group of customers, and their friends and associates will continue to enjoy the reliability and excellence of our protects to make their use of today’s mobile technologies more pleasurable, safe and secure  



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