Delivering the Service our Customers demand

Nutshell is once again offering track and trace deliveries for customers worldwide.

For over 20 years nutshell has sent its handmade products to the world using a variety of shipping methods.

Understanding that our customers deserve the best available delivery methods we have swapped  and changed service providers as the global delivery systems have ebbed and flowed.

Because of our location, we must use the most cost-effective delivery services available.

Since before Christmas Nutshell has been forced to make regular deliveries using a service that did not provide track and trace. 

This after DHL withdrew its track and trace Global Mail services from New Zealand in November.

While the country's post services, NZ Post provided Priority airmail services, these have been without a tracking service, meaning that we were unable to reliably let customers trace their packages as they winged their way around the world.

However, Singapore Post has stepped up to the plate, through their local representatives Quantum Shipping and we are currentlyy in the testing phased of a service that  once again enable us to create cost-effective deliveries that can be tracked.

It is services like this that allow us to offer a reputable delivery service, anyplace in the world. 

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