Rule of Thumb

Nutshell now lists phones from a great variety of phone manufacturers. As the Smartphone market has grown, the number of manufacturers have also increased. And to add to the confusion, many local territorial phone carriers are re-branding phones and marketing them under their own labels.

But at nutshell, we have you covered. Although there may be an increase in the number of different phones and brands, they all fit one or another of our holsters.

Because we have a well defined range born out of standing alongside the industry as it has developed, we know all to well what phone fits in which holster...even if the phone has an added accessory cover.

So the rule of thumb is; if you have a new smartphone, check us out. Measure your phone's outside dimensions and then match them again our holster range.

Remember, if you can't find it does not mean we cannot assist you; we go out of our way to find (and keep) satisfied customers.

Just ask.

Happy 2017

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