In a Nutshell; Help us Help others Help themselves

In a Nutshell; Help us Help others Help themselves

We support the American Red Cross
Nutshell will donate 5% of sales to help victims of Harvey and Irma.

The Southern States in the USA have recently been lashed and devastated by twin hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, leaving millions of people homeless and helpless.

Although we are the world away, around the other side of the planet in New Zealand, we know the anguish and the feelings of hopelessness shared with millions of people worldwide, not just in the USA.

And we want to some small way.

For the next few months, Nutshell will be donating  5% of all earnings made through product sales online and direct to customers.

Although our donation may be small on a global scale, as a responsible online merchant with over twenty years web presence under our belt, we know that every little bit will make a difference. 

When you support us, you help us support others.


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