Nutshell products never die

Nutshell products never die

Since we began our journey as an online merchant in 1997 we have sold many, many products. We knew we were building a product that would stand the test of time and last despite the worst (or best) that our users could throw at them.

In fact we have just had a customer replace a product he has been using  for at least 15 years.

Rob Boyle recently purchased a product to protect his new phone and wrote us.

"Thought you might like to know why I decided to buy another. I've attached some photos of my first and only Nutshell. I got it at least 15 years ago and possibly 20. Time goes fast.

Nutshell's last a very long timeDespite the worst you can throw at themOUr belt clips are selected for their long liufeSo much a favorite customers make their own repairs

My original Nutshell won't fit the shape of my A51 but it has outlasted many phones. My previous phone has divots worn in the plastic at touch points but the Nutshell leather is still going.

As you can see, I have manually stitched one side and the lining perished and fell out about a year ago.

This is a great product that has given me many long years of fantastic service. I hope the new one lives up to the legacy of the original!

Kind regards

It is comments like these that vindicate our decision to make the best product we could. While some told us our products were TOO good and did not need the level of quality that is built into every product we are glad we resisted attempts to make us change.

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