Poised for the Future

For over 20 years Nutshell has marched its range of leather cases to meet the latest releases from the world's leading smartphone makers and those who provide cover to better protect the devices.

In that time we have matched over 300 phones and many more accessories and provided safety, security and ease of use for thousands of customer worldwide.

Such close proximity to the ever-changing world of smartphones has given us an insight into devices that are either still glimmers of ideas, in the design process or in pre-production mode.

As technology has relentlessly improved, our traditional leather products have stood the test of time, or as we like to say "meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations ".

It is with some interest therefore that we learn of a new dual-screen smartphone from ZTE USA. 


The ZTE Axon M  is a bold example of the smartphone marker's art.  With a form factor of 5.94 x 2.82 x 0.48 inches (150.11 x 71.62 x 12.19 mm) it is a perfect match for the Nutshell 298

How long the Axon M will hold its lead in the dual screen market is unclear. In all likelihood other companies are scrambling to catch-up and we should expect to see more of these devices available within the coming months.

Among those Samsung is not resting on its laurels. The company has already revealed it is working in a smartphone with a flexible screen, which will enable mobile users to experience a holographic world. More than that, if the company can embed smartphone technology within the foldable format we may witness the reemergence of the flip phone of old.

It has even given the product a name, calling it the Youm and displayed it several years ago at CES2013.

Since then Samsung has been hard at work. Recently it showed off a product which may be called the Galaxy X , or triple eight, as reported in this article from Digital Trends in September. Although details are sparse, this latest device is likely to be shown off in all its glory at the Mobile World Congress early next year.

Whatever the future of Smartphones hold, one thing is clear. You can be sure that Nutshell will provide a holster or belt case that will provide the protection they will need in the real, everyday world of the busy consumer.


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