Nutshell shipping - track and trace - from us to you

Nutshell is using several different carriers to ship product...but at the center of our shipping is a Shopify App. called AfterShip.

This integrated services lets our customer track their own products as they move around the planet.


nutshell consignment trackling


As the above image shows,  a simple internal shipment in New Zealand is easy to follow as it involves only one shipping medium - NZ Post.

In this day of increased software integration it made sense to find a supplier who aggregates the myriad of shippers involved with any individual shipment in our B2C world, and lets us all see where the package is at any time.

Although the trail becomes more complex as a product movers between carriers and agents worldwide the Aftership tracking system keeps tabs on its progress.


As the picture above shows, individual customers can access Aftership from their order page and see exactly where their product is - at every stage of the shipping process - as it travels to them.

This is just one way we help our customers feel confident that we are real, providing not only great products and great service.

Of course...stuff sometimes happens that is right outside anyone's control - bad weather - seasonal hi-spots, like Christmas and other holiday times...and unforeseen accidents.

It is rare for any shipment to get completely "lost"  -  but it can happen, even in the best regulated environments. 

We take our responsibility for customer service seriously.
YOU come first - every time


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