New smartphone? New Nutshell

New smartphone? New Nutshell

As Apple prepares to deliver a new phone with its own unique format, if you've ever wondered about the logic behind working out which nutshell is going to deliver a fit you can be most comfortable with, here's a quick insight.


"I was thinking nutshell 298? That works with the iPhone X with a silicone case. What do you think? I am not going to be jumping around or doing sports with the case. "


"It’s a tricky question; for the iPhone 7 in silicone case you need a Nutshell #296, but for the iPhone XS in the silicone case you need the new Nutshell #297.

#296 is too small in width. For the iPhone X in the silicone case, which is the same size as the XS, we have been recommending Nutshell #298 but some people find this slightly too big lengthwise, so we are creating the #297 for this reason.

The iPhone 7 in silicone case will fit in the #297 as well but it would be a loose fit.

Therefore, you would probably be best to get the new #297 when it becomes available in about three weeks.

We are just finalizing some of the detail and getting the leather knives made so we will when it’s ready for ordering.

What configuration/color are you looking to get?

We would advise because of the loose fit for the iPhone 7 you should not get the pouch version as it would fall out too easily."

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