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Ultima 5 Digital TENS unit Belt Case

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Perfect for Every Day or Extended Away

This Premium Leather Belt Pouch is offered in Black or Tan.

Lined with a long lasting, synthetic ultra-suede the Pouch is designed to expand and will easily contain the Ultima 5 Digital TENS Unit as well as additional rechargeable batteries, electrode wires and replacement body pads.

The Pouch has a generous full flap that is securely closed over with your choice of either a single safety-shielded magnet or ultra-tuff Velcro hook and loop

A strong black steel belt clip with a black D-ring lets you mount this Pouch on your belt or direct on your waistband. For ultra-discretion, the Pouch may be attached inside the waistband.

The D lets you add a security strap or similar for times when you need it most.

Because of its unique construction, this Pouch can comfortably contain items of varying dimensions. 

Ultima 5 TENS Dimensions
4" x 2.75" x 1.5" = 101.6 x 69.85  x 38.1 mm
Recommended #290LF Belt Pouch - Internal Dimensions

5.71" x 3.43" x 0.55" = 145 x 87 x 14 mm
5.71" x 3.35" x 1.625" = 145.03 x 85.09 x 41.27 mm

This strong quality leather Belt Pouch with unbreakable steel fittings and your choice of a safety shielded magnet (minimal magnetic leakage) or ultra secure Velcro hook and loop will comfortably accommodate the Ultima 5 TENS unit as well as spare rechargeable batteries, electrode wires and contact pads. Perfect for every day or that trip away into the mountains.

Two-year Warranty.

For any questions about this leather belt case or its fittings, email us...


Regular Wide Hip Holster (290) Dimensions COLOR OPTIONS
  • Black
  • Tan
  • Other colors on request

  • Full Flap with Secure Shielded Magnet Clasp.
  • Full Flap with Secure Velcro Clasp
  • Black Spring-Steel Belt Clip with steel D-ring.
    (Accepts belts to 1.57" = 40mm)

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