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Possum Golf Gloves

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Made from the unique ultra strong and supple hide of the New Zealand possum, this golf glove may be the last one you ever buy.

The Smart Golfer understands the importance of having advantages: Super soft leather is different.

These are the best golf gloves in the world (as voted in the United States)! The leather contains two unique properties that make it particularly appealing to the golfer. The opossum is surprisingly durable, but the soft leather keeps its flexible grip. Whether it is hot, sweaty, cold or drizzle, this leather will not weather, so will never lose its shape.

100% New Zealand possum leather gives these gloves a very tough durability that other golf gloves cannot match. You can almost play the same gloves forever.

* More durable than traditional sports gloves
* Excellent grip and mobility
* Strong and comfortable
* Keep its shape, resist hardening, without special attention
* Keep soft and flexible

Please allow time for these to be delivered


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