Filling the Gap... the Nutshell #297

Over the years Nutshell has designed its holsters to meet our customers' needs.

Often customers will tell us about a new phone, with new dimensions, that does not fit comfortably into one of our existing products.

Luckily our skilled designers and leatherworkers can create an endless array of shapes and sizes.

In this case, the latest Apple iPhones (the XS and X in slimline accessory covers) do not conform to any existing sizes in our product range, resulting in the creation of the #297, a case which (as the name suggests) sits between our most popular small flatscreen holster, the #296 and the larger #298. 


Nutshell #2w97 holster

However, the creation of the #297 comes at a cost.

While Nutshell has long prided itself in offering products with an array of bespoke options to let our customers tailor each case meet their specific needs, this newest product is currently available in two colors (black and tan) and only with a belt clip (for now).



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