KNZB_Nutshell Options

Because at Nutshell we know every customer is a unique individual, we believe you should have the Nutshell that is just right for you.

We offer a range of finishes, styles and carry options to let you create the belt holster that will work perfectly for the way you live


Nutshell offers a range of premium leathers, including Black and Tan as well as optional Chocolate Brown, Crocodile finished Black and Crocodile finished Brown. We also offer a high-quality Russet Vegetan Natural leather that will take on a rich, tan brown finish over time and just keep looking better the more you use it. Other colors are available but we only offer these in minimum order quantities of ten. Contact us at for more information.


We offer you a choice of three styles:

A: Full Flap
Closed with a secure safety shielded magnet or durable Velcro, our full flap holsters provide a discrete way to carry your Smartphone or other mobile technology.
B: Tab Top
Closing the centre of the holster top this Tab top lets you easily plug in earbuds or other equipment and use it while the device is secured in the holster. The Tab Top may also be closed with a secure safety shielded magnet or strong Velcro for the ultimate security. 
C: Open Top Pouch
Because we know some folk want to be able to access their device quick-smart, our Pouches have no safety flap or tab over the top.


Our Belt attachments have stood the test of time and will provide years of worry free service to deliver peace of mind every day.

A: Belt Clip
We offer a strong secure black steel belt clip that will accept belts up to 1.7" wide and comes with a black functional D-ring.

B: Belt Loop
We also offer a super-secure universal multi-way belt loop that also accepts belts up to 1.75" wide and lets you carry your device on your hip in the way that works best for you; vertically, horizontally or angled to keep your pants pocket free.

See how the Belt Clip and Belt Loop work

C: Plain - no clip or loop
Because we know some people prefer to protect their device in a Nutshell, but tuck it away in a bag, shoulder bag, satchel or purse, we offer you the choice of no belt attachment at all.

A:Shielded Magnet
A small magnet is securely clasped between two small metal plates that are embedded within the holster. Because the magnet is prevented from making physical contact with both plates by the leather and the lining, the amount of "Gauss' (the measure of magnetism) is very strong.The steel  plates also prevent any magnetic 'leakage' so that there is a very low level of 'Gauss' outside of the magnetic/ plate assembly.

B: Hook and Loop
We use genuine Velcro Hook and loop to provide an ultra-secure clasp for both the full flap and tab holster styles.



Because we know many of our customers are busy people, you can tell us to attach a pen loop to our Smartphone holsters. This loop is sized to accept a regular BIC ballpoint pen and will only get better over time.

pen loop


Nutshell lets you add an elasticized front pocket to your Smartphone holster. This is a perfect way to safely carry those earbuds or other pieces of add-on equipment safely and securely. 
front pocket
Learn More about the Pocket and Pen Loop