COVID workarounds in a Nutshell

Like most places New Zealand is in the grip of the pandemic. 

While our rates of infection and death are way lower than most other places worldwide, the need for self isolation by people who works with others who have the virus, or any of their close contacts plays hell with small specialist workshops like ours. 

As our workshop is very small (only two staff dedicated to our business) it makes it difficult to cut create, assemble and sew your holster in an effective process. 

In fact some staff doing tasks like cutting the leather used in your holster now have a workaround; cutting a batch overnight when the plant is empty for assembly by the rest of the crew the next day  

There is little doubt that our situation is not unlike that suffered by many small businesses worldwide, but the workaround developed by our staff shows the level of dedication to customer service that has been at the heart of our business for more than 25 years.  

Thank you for choosing  Nutshell.


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