Weathering the Delivery Blues

Weathering the Delivery Blues

Due to Global inter-company shenanigans, Nutshell has recently been forced to change its postal services. 

For the past several years we have been using the worldwide private DHL GlobalMail service to deliver up to the minute tracking services for our customers. 

For whatever reason, in its wisdom DHL decided that discretion is the better part of valour and September 01 ceased its Global Mail services out of New Zealand, inconveniencing over two hundred eComerchants, who like us, rely on modern delivery methods, like track and trace shipping, to service a worldwide customer base. 

NZPost, the country's national mail provider has stepped into the breach and now offers a similar service, although without the track'n'trace option. However, it is operating in a beta form and is not yet completely perfect in many ways.

The new ePost service aims at being integrated across the most popular eCommerce applications, including the Shopify platform we use. and when completed, should prove a worthy replacement for GlobalMail.

Nutshell is weathering the development process.

As an eCommerce merchant who has long been at the cutting edge of these interweb technologies, we are working hard with NZPost to keep our customer promise of providing a delivery cycle that is the equal of any available, 

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