Driving Miss Daisy

Driving Miss Daisy

Anyone reading this blog is likely to already know about Nutshell. 

In fact it is highly likely you have already made the decision to become a Nutshell owner and you now enjoy all the subtle security and peace of mind our products offer. 

When we started this business, way back when, mobile phones were a far cry from today’s sleek models. They were clumsy devices with atrocious battery life and big fat antennae. 

We began the business after identifying the first PDA devices from HP and Compaq (if you remember them you are likely as old as we are).

In fact Nutshell was a follow up of a company called KiwiGreen. Created by an old telecommunications engineer who had developed a set of rechargeable batteries for one of the first portable pre-laptop/tablets from Casio. This small MSDOS driven device displayed up to 25 lines of text on a monochrome screen and suffered from no battery life whatsoever. This gentleman also claimed to have been one of the first in the world to have sent, and received, an email on this device while in a moving vehicle. Merv Carrol may well deserve a place in history.

Working at the time as a tech journalist, the writer enlisted the help of a leather working colleague and we created a case to hold both the Casio and a small assembly of rechargeable batteries. 

To promote KiwiGreen we journeyed to the USA and showed this case to Casio’s American division. In fact the case, although it never made a fortune, was once hurled across a conference room stage by Microsoft’s Bill Gates in a display of the emerging mobile technology.

Over the intervening years Nutshell has constantly expanded both its product range and the number of benefits and phones it supports. Today we list over 500 phones from 40 vendors and thought we were doing pretty well  

How wrong we were. Latest research tells us that today there are over 150 Vendors, and more than1500 phone models worldwide!

And, luckily, at the same time as the phone market has matured, so has the delivery platform. While we know that mobile users make up about half of our audience (the rest are desktop or tablet) until now we have never been able to identity the mobile phone that was being used.

However new software now gathers that information on the fly, making it possible for us to make fairly accurate assumptions and short-circuit the customer’s buying experience by asking a couple of questions that act as triggers within our online system  

Of course nothing is foolproof. But it is our intention to create a process that enables us to answer customer queries and enable them to make rationale purchasing decisions based on their responses.

And as a part of our drive to increase our visibility expect to be getting some Q&A requests as we seek to not only increase the number of phones we support, but also better understand our market and target the people who, like you, will benefit from the peace of mind we deliver.

Thanks for being a Nutshell customer  Just like Bill Gates, all those years ago, you know a great protective product when you see one. 



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