Nutshell Mobile Cases: Keeoing IT Real

Embracing the Future

Recognizing that for many a protective smartphone belt case is an important accessory purchase, Nutshell has adjusted its pricing to make our products more affordable. 

The global market for smartphones is now estimated at over 15 billion devices. While many of these are no longer in use, we know what the future holds for new mobile devices.  

At Nutshell we let you tailor your Nutshell to meet your specific needs, offering you the world's most durable and long-lasting belt cases for your smartphone or other mobile devices. 

In the future we will continue to deliver products that maintain the quality and durability for which we are famous, and offer new enhancements that will provide hitherto unrealized functionality and added value so that our customers may confidently continue to use personal mobile technologies in their everyday lives that are at the forefront of our world's relentless march into the future.

At Nutshell we are working on tomorrow's needs.  

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