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Microsoft Surface Duo Belt Case

Microsoft Surface Duo Belt Case

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Microsoft Surface Duo Dimensions
145.2 x 93.3 x 9.9 mm
Nutshell 397 Internal Dimensions
150 x 95 x 10 mm


This Premium Leather Phone Holster is designed to accommodate the Microsoft Surface Duo. This provides the best way of keeping the Microsoft Surface Duo safe and close so that it is instantly to hand and safely stowed when not in use.

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Never Lose Your Phone Again - Keep it on your Hip!

  • Nutshell Phone Holsters; hand-crafted using premium leather.
  • Warranted for 2 years of hard use.

We recommend you always holster your phone with the screen facing your hip; that way the battery takes the knocks.


I noticed recently an issue with the Surface Duo holster that your company makes.

If the Duo is placed into the holster “upside down,” the phone silence button can keep the phone from audibly ringing beyond one quick note of sound.

In order to avoid that problem, when the Duo is placed into the holster, the Duo’s phone volume/silence button needs to be visible through one of the side openings near where the fold-over flap connects to the magnet.  If not properly positioned, I think that the volume/silence button can/will be compressed all the time that the Duo is resting inside the holster.

Beyond that issue, I feel that the holster is a terrific addition for the Duo.  I feel that Microsoft should promote the holster’s adoption for Duo purchasers.

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