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Get the protection you need
before you need it! 

Nutshell leather smartphone holsters - the Ultimate protection

These leather smartphone holsters are perfect for
 Belts, Waistbands, Pockets,
Pants, Coveralls, Sweats or Scrubs.

Cycling, working, walking, jogging, golfing, rowing, fishing, living.
Never lose, forget, mislay or leave your phone behind.

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Nutshell has Leather Smartphone Holsters and extra large holsters for Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Lumia, Sonim XP7 and many more.
  • Holds a SmartPhone on its own or housed in a heavy duty protective accessory cover.
  • Natural Black or Tan leather outside; reinforced ultrasuede lined inside.
  • Three styles: Full Flap, Tab Top or Pouch.
  • Shielded magnetic clasp on Flap and Tab
  • Choose strong Steel clip with D ring (to hold your key chain) or unique multi-way belt loop.
  • No bulk; lays flat when empty.


Unique Shielded Smartphone Wallet

Contains Natural Anti-static Fiber and RFID shielding


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