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Accessories for Medical Products

Nutshell Quality Leather Belt Pouches are the perfect protection for users of any age of the many models of devices, Monitoring units and other devices, including neuro-stimulators.

For many, carrying their on-body medical equipment can be clumsy and frustrating - as well as potentially insecure and exposing their costly equipment to easy damage by knocks, drops, and scuffs.  

Our Belt Pouches are timeless and will provide years of reliable service.
Our reputation for reliability, long life, and rugged construction makes each Nutshell perfect for play, work, and recreation.
Nutshell quality leather Belt Pouches provide a secure case on your belt for carrying your medical device. 
Belt Clip       Quasliuty leather belt pouch
Check out the Product list below to find the Nutshell that is a perfect fit for you, a colleague or someone you love.

I Apologize!! When I got the holster for a Dexcom CGM I thought it expensive. BUT after using it for 2 years? It is WORTH every penny, if not more. It shows no wear, easy to use on either side, Tough leather, and stitched excellently. Your product is superior to all others. This is my testimonial and I will stick to it. Harry

Harrison L. Warren

Glucose meter holster

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