2018-03-14 - Leather Smartphone Holsters

Why take chances? Handcrafted, genuine leather

Our Values...in a Nutshell

Perfect Smartphone Security

Whoever you are. Wherever you are. Whatever you do. 

Secure Your Phone
Keep it on your Hip, not in your Pocket.


Cycling, working, walking, jogging, hiking,
golfing, rowing, fishing, hunting, shopping, traveling, living.

These quality leather smartphone holsters are perfect for
 Belts, Waistbands, Pockets, Pants, Coveralls, Sweats or Scrubs.

  • Holds a SmartPhone on its own or housed in a heavy-duty protective accessory cover.
  • Natural full grain leather outside; reinforced, Ultrasuede lined inside.
    • Available in Black, Tan, Chocolate Brown, Crocodile Black, Crocodile Brown or Natural Vege Tan Russet
  • Three styles: Full Flap, Tab Top or Pouch.
  • Shielded magnetic clasp on Flap and Tab
    • Strong Velcro fastening available on request
  • Choose strong black spring-steel clip with D ring (to hold your keychain) or unique multi-way belt loop.


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Standard Shipping
(Global Airmail 7-21 days)
For Two or more!


No comparison!

"Many years ago I tried a bunch of holsters that always wore out and broke way too soon. I got my hands on my first Nutshell case 5 years ago, and it lasted through all those years of heavy use like a champ! I just got a new case because I got a larger phone; I didn’t think twice about ordering another."

Tim W. Verified Buyer


Won't use any case but a Nutshell

Best in Class.

Peter G. Verified Buyer


Perfect fit

"This is my second Nutshell smartphone holster. The first one is still in use with its third phone. The only reason I got another holster is the new phone was too large for the first one. Nutshell holsters are very durable and do a great job of protecting phones. The magnetic flap works easily and effectively. Thanks for a great product!"

The Best

"This is my third phone case. Whenever I upgrade my phone I buy a new tuffasnuts case. They are handsome and well made but in particular, I like the belt loop which guarantees it will never slip off your belt and you will never lose your phone by accident."


Excellent quality case, very sturdy belt clip

"Well worth ordering all the way from New Zealand as really good cases! Arrived within 2 weeks and excellent customer service so I got the exact size that I needed for my new iPhone 7 with a rubber case - it fits really snugly just how I wanted. The belt clips are really strong and sturdy, so I have never had it fall off my belt, although my husband has, so he also has a second attachment of a security clip in a loop on his belt clipped to the ring above the clip for the very rare circumstances where it might get caught on something and come adrift from the belt - but it has never happened to me! Very good quality - just exactly what you need to secure your phone to your belt!! "