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OtterBox and Holsters for Otterbox Accessories

Holsters for smartphones in Otterbox

Genuine Leather Holsters
Phone Holster on Jeans 
Perfect for ...
Pants, Coveralls, medical scrubs etc
  • Black or Tan outer
  • Reinforced screen guard
  • Ultrasuede lining
  • Secure Magnet Clasp or Velcro on Full flap, Tab top or open-top Pouch
  • Steel clip with Dee or Multiway Loop

Carry it on your Hip, not in your Pocket!

Nutshell Genuine leather Belt holsters with strong inner panels, reinforced screen guard and ultrasuede lining is perfect for any phone; on its own or in an Otter Box accessory case; provides long lasting protection and safety, Guaranteed!

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