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Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google Pixel 6 Pro

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This Premium Leather Phone Holster is designed to accommodate the Google Pixel 6 Pro. This provides the best way of keeping the smartphone safe and close so that it is instantly to hand and safely stowed when not in use.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Dimensions
6.45 x 2.99 x 0.35 inches = 163.90 x 75.90 x 8.90 mm

Recommended Phone Holster (298) Internal Dimensions
6.25 x 3.2 x 0.4 inches = 160 x 80 x 10 mm

If you are going to put an external protective cover on your Google Pixel 6 Pro, then for a thin cover you will need a Nutshell #398 instead. For a heavier cover you may require a Nutshell #390. Just check the external dimensions of the phone in the cover and compare it to the Nutshell holsters.

Never Damage or Lose Your Phone Again - Keep it on your Hip, not in your Pocket!

  • Nutshell Phone Holsters; hand-crafted using premium leather.
  • Warranted for 2 years of hard use.

We recommend you always holster your phone with the screen facing your hip; that way the battery takes the knocks.

If you have any questions, message us using the option on the bottom right of the page, or email us...

Nutshell #298 COLOR OPTIONS
  • Black
  • Tan
  • Other colors on request

  • Full Flap with Secure Shielded Magnet Clasp.
  • Tab Flap with Secure Shielded Magnet Clasp.
  • Velcro Fastening Available.
  • Pouch.

  • Black Spring-Steel Belt Clip with D-ring.
    (Accepts belts to 1.57" = 40mm)
  • Universal Multi-way Loop.
    (Accepts belts to 1.97" = 50mm)
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