Copy of Belt Cases for Mobiles

Our a Nutshell

Perfect Smartphone Security

Whoever you are. Wherever you are.
Whatever you do.

Don't Damage Your Phone
Keep it on your Hip, not in your Pocket.


Cycling, working, walking, jogging, hiking,
golfing, rowing, fishing, hunting, shopping, traveling, living.

These quality leather smartphone holsters are perfect for
 Belts, Waistbands, Pockets, Pants, Coveralls, Sweats or Scrubs.

Holds a SmartPhone, Insulin Pump, or other electronic device on its own or in a protective accessory cover.
Natural full-grain leather outside; reinforced, Ultrasuede lined inside.

Available in:
  • Black
  • Tan
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Crocodile Black
  • Crocodile Brown
  • Natural Veg-Tan Russet
  • Other colors available for minimum 10 quantities.

Three styles:
  • Full Flap
  • Tab Top
  • Pouch with open top.

A Shielded Magnetic Clasp on Flap and Tab or Strong Velcro Fastening.

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