Changing times;  New Year = New Phones.

Changing times; New Year = New Phones.

Nutshell started making its products in the days when mobile phones were not much more than a nice idea out of dreamland. 
In our earliest days laptops has yet to be invented. The fledgling mobile market was led by Casio with a mobile device that had terrible battery life and  a 12 line monochrome screen of 20 characters each.  While networkability was also in its infancy, an early partner of mine claims to be the first man to actually place, and receive a call from his Casio while in the back of a van in California, connecting to the similarly fledgling mobile network. 
Merv’s mini laptop Casio was soon replaced by a PDA (personal digital assistant) which had similar limited Network interconnectivity. 
But while the Casio was perfect for a well made zippered case, designed to hold a pair of rechargeable batteries that enabled it to operate remotely, the PDA required a holster so that it could be easily carried and quickly accessed by a busy working user. It also heralded the growth of the smartphone, as PDAs gained mobile phone-like abilities and swiftly became vital links between individuals and the organisations they worked for. 
These smartphones swiftly gained in popularity and the industry blossomed as an increasing number of players entered the game.
Today over 80 manufacturers actively compete to offer increasingly functional devices and while the smartphone term for today’s mobile phone  is now firmly cemented into the global users psych there is a growing marketing movement to identify mobile  phones with advanced smartphone abilities as - phones. 
The changing nature of the marketplace is being reflected in the way mobile accessory suppliers today no longer refer to their products as Smartphone accessories.  In keeping with the changing landscape accessories from Nutshell are Phone Holsters with the ability to provide both safety and security for multiple devices, including PDAs, smartphones and mobile phones. Welcome to 2021. 

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