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Unique Antistatic Lined Leather Pouch for Large Framed Eyewear

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For Pocket or Purse

A perfect unique eyewear accessory; protecting eyeglasses; keeping lens safe, crystal clean and smudge free.

This quality full flap leather pouch for regular or large framed sunglasses, reading glasses or prescription lens is closed with hook'n'loop and lined with a very special and unique natural antistatic fiber to keep its contents clean and safe and secure all the time.

 Internal Measurement:

5" long x 2" wide x  (up to) 1.75" deep

Approved for harvesting by the World Wildlife Fund because it destroys the native forests and wildlife of one of the world's most unique natural environments, the New Zealand possum is an introduced pest that has a special hollow fiber pelt that is a perfect natural antistatic insulator.


Do Our World...

And Your Eyes...

a Favor!

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