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Apple iPhone X Smartphone Holster

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This Premium Leather Smartphone Holster will accommodate the Apple iPhone X on its own. This provides the best way of keeping the smartphone safe and close so that it is to hand instantly and safely stowed when not in use. 


* If you are using a slim, thin Apple leather or silicone cover on your iPhone X or any other very slim cover, please use our #298 Nutshell Holster

* If you are using ANY larger external cover (OtterBox or similar) on your iPhone X, we recommend you use our  #290 Nutshell holster



Apple iPhone X Dimensions
5.65" x 2.79" x 0.30" = 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm 

Recommended Smartphone Holster Internal Dimensions
5.6" x 2.87" x 0.4" = 140 x 73 x 10 mm


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These internal dimensions indicate the size of the phone that will fit. Generally it is ok for a phone to be up to 10-15mm longer than the holster. The width and depth work with each other to accommodate the phone, so if a phone is slightly wider but not as thick then the additional depth will allow the width. Because this is real leather, it will stretch slightly. Also remember to allow for any external case that is on the phone.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message us using the option on the bottom right of the page, or email us...

Never Lose Your Phone Again - Keep it on your hip, not in your pocket!

  • Nutshell Smartphone Holsters; hand-crafted using premium leather.
  • Warranted for 2 years of hard use.

We recommend you always holster your phone with the screen facing your hip; that way the battery takes the knocks.

Nutshell leather smartphone holster (296) COLOR OPTIONS
  • Black.
  • Tan.
  • Other colors on request.

  • Full Flap with Secure Shielded Magnet Clasp.
  • Tab Flap with Secure Shielded Magnet Clasp.
  • Pouch.

  • Black Spring-Steel Belt Clip with D-ring.
    (Accepts belts to 1.57" = 40mm)
  • Universal Multi-way Loop.
    (Accepts belts to 1.97" = 50mm)

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